Spring into Easter

Spring Into Easter It started with the creation of the world. God raised his hand and blessed everything that entered his imagination: everything He thought and sensed humankind would need and love. I’ve heard it said that the word Easter originated from the time when Eostre, the pagan goddess of spring was said to rule over fertility, abundance, the renewal and rebirth of all… Read More


SoulCollage® and the Misunderstood Shadow

  SoulCollage® and the Misunderstood Shadow   Many SoulCollage® participants fill their decks with beautiful, happy images, which are true of them, but hesitate when it comes to making a Shadow card that fosters change, transformation, and offers healing. During a recent workshop a client, J. M. takes me aside and asks if after class we can talk about a particular card he has… Read More


The Bonfire: A Tribute to Kunikida Doppo

The Bonfire, by Kunikida Doppo (1871-1908) Many years ago, I read Kunikida Doppo’s short story, The Bonfire, and fell in love with his writing. Written like haiku, in length it is a slice of poetic verse; a story dense with unforgettable imagery. I found this translation online, listed as a work in Public Domain. After reading this version, once again I was inspired by… Read More

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