Pamela’s Patterns

Not every workshop turns out to be a delight. When things don’t go according to plan, or boredom creeps in, to spice things up suggest we make an art doll. The word is like a koan as heads turn, minds still, eyes stare in disbelief. “Art doll?” a participant exclaims. “Why yes,” someone else chimes in. As I listen to a why not followed… Read More


Interview With Almighty Zeus

Archetypal Zeus: A Force to Reckon With Amirrorself.com: Welcome Zeus. Thank you for taking the time from your archetypal rein to describe how you manifest in our lives. Can you shed some light on what makes you an archetype to reckon with? Zeus: I may be an archetype to reckon with, but do not confuse my energy with that of my brother Warrior. Amirrorself.com:… Read More


Guest Artist: Linda Woolfson

Amirrorself.com Interviews and Welcomes Linda Woolfson, SoulCollage® Trainer & Facilitator: The week of October 19th, 2016, I was trained by Linda Woolfson to become a SoulCollage® facilitator. Behind the green doors of her home in Cascais, Portugal, she welcomed participants with open arms into her SoulCollage® garden of delights. Along with five other participants from around the world, I immersed myself in SoulCollage®, learning… Read More

Guest Artist Kylea Taylor, President, SoulCollage® Inc.

Amirrorself.com Interviews Kylea Taylor, President, SoulCollage® Inc. AMS.com: Welcome! Tell us Kylea, as President of SoulCollage® Inc., what does a typical morning at the office look like? Kylea: It is always interesting to see what is in my inbox. I have requests to help from Facilitators, customer service with regard to our courses, correspondence with SoulCollage® Trainers and email and video supervision of our… Read More

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