Imaging Advent

This morning when I drew my curtains aside to look at the oceanfront, the mountains and the island across the way had disappeared beneath the white of snow and clouds. What came to mind was the trek the Blessed Mother and Joseph made eons ago. I imagine the holy trio traversing hill and dale. Mary riding side-saddle on a mule, carrying the weight of… Read More


Contemplative Photography

In mid-April, I started Christine Valters Paintner’s Eyes of the Heart, a six week online retreat that considers photography as a contemplative practice. The practice involves a form of meditation, using images as a basis of acknowledging and recognizing divine presence. Through photographs we witness the reality of this energetic force that vibrates in the ordinary and the everyday things we fail to see… Read More


Spring into Easter

Spring Into Easter It started with the creation of the world. God raised his hand and blessed everything that entered his imagination: everything He thought and sensed humankind would need and love. I’ve heard it said that the word Easter originated from the time when Eostre, the pagan goddess of spring was said to rule over fertility, abundance, the renewal and rebirth of all… Read More

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