Contemplative Photography

In mid-April, I started Christine Valters Paintner’s Eyes of the Heart, a six week online retreat that considers photography as a contemplative practice. The practice involves a form of meditation, using images as a basis of acknowledging and recognizing divine presence. Through photographs we witness the reality of this energetic force that vibrates in the ordinary and the everyday things we fail to see… Read More


Passion For Michelangelo

Passion For Michelangelo The first time I saw Michelangelo’s Pieta, I felt as if I was standing on sacred ground. I received a similar sensation while touring the Sistine Chapel, contemplating the ceiling full of heaven from this master’s vision. In celebration of Mother’s Day, or as it is known in artistic circles as Creatrice Day, I share this Flipbook with you. Flipbook here:… Read More


Art Dolls: Pen Pals That Heal

Art Dolls Creating A Healing Response:   When I was a child I made dolls out of pipe-cleaners, clothes pins, hair pins, twigs, matchsticks, toothpicks, even a plastic spoon. I’d take a walnut shell and imagine it a tub, a boat, a crib for one of my teeny-weenie stick figures. I’d spend hours dressing their figures, binding their frames with strips of newspaper, blades of… Read More

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