Full Day SoulCollage® Workshops

Theme Based SoulCollage® 1- Day Workshops: 10-5pm. Tuition 60 euros. Email for dates, information, and to register Of House and Home– Image the Meaning of Place. My Fashionista Self– Intuit and Image the Diva Within. Trashing Mother Earth– Ecology Awareness Workshop (see recent post). Honouring My Spiritual Practice– Contemplating Spirit. In-Depth Look at the Council Suit (click here to see description in 4 Hour… Read More


All I Want For Xmas

        A Time of Holy Day Joy with Amirrorself.com All I Want For Xmas Is My SoulCollage® Deck, and All the Extra Goodies to Create It! Part 1 I love the Pre-Raphaelites. Painters like Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Ford Maddox Brown, Julia Margaret Cameron, Edward Burne-Jones, and others whose names are a mouthful to pronounce yet their images etched in our memories… Read More

Daughters of Mother Christmas Gallery

                All I want for Xmas – how it’s made.


SoulCollage® Evolving

A Book Review Amirrorself.com Applauds: Seena B. Frost, SoulCollage® Evolving, An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery & Community, 2010. Hanford Mead Publishers. Seena B. Frost and Her SoulCollage® Cards (Hanford Mead Publisher’s Permission) I never met the lady though I imagine Seena B. Frost a woman of great presence due to her magnanimous spirit. It takes an imaginative, highly intuitive, insightful, and visually oriented… Read More


Trashing Mother Earth

Trashing Mother Earth. “I am the One who weeps because your ignorance is killing me.” Council Suit   I never thought of myself as a political person until it became apparent that politics is a way of life. There’s no way around it. If you prefer hemp to polyester politics is involved. If you prefer soy milk to cow’s milk, leather as opposed to… Read More

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