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All I Want For Xmas Is My SoulCollage® Deck, and All the Extra Goodies to Create It!

Part 1

I love the Pre-Raphaelites. Painters like Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Ford Maddox Brown, Julia Margaret Cameron, Edward Burne-Jones, and others whose names are a mouthful to pronounce yet their images etched in our memories like the taste for cranberry sauce, and the aroma of baked apple pie.

Do I have favourites? Hundreds of romantic images torn or cut from the pages of old art books, magazines, calendars, museum catalogues; a few salvaged postcards, notecards, prints; recycled off coasters, napkins, paper plates, CD and antique album covers. The images in this SoulCollage® project examples of what I can do with them now.

Join me and make the Daughters of Mother Christmas with your Pre-Raphaelite images, and create an inspiring SoulCollage® deck, beautifully presented in its own Shoji Screen type folder for your personal use. A personal gift you can revisit throughout the year.

To begin with, get comfy. Consider what it takes for you to feel this way. Think: Warmth. Comfort. Nurturance. Use whatever means at your disposal. Lay beneath a wool blanket. Sit near the blaze of an open fire. Sip mulled-wine as the smell of spices whisk through the air, their steam swirling around candlelight.

Give yourself seven days: the week before Christmas.

Make a card each day; the last on Christmas Eve.

Do this for yourself.

Arrange a date with yourself.

Devote time to yourself, as if you were rekindling and reconnecting with a lost, but not forgotten lover.

Now gather your SoulCollage® materials on a tray: glue stick, scissors, a stack of blank SoulCollage® cards, choose a festive background (the same for every card, make copies from the original), and a stack of *Pre-Raphaelite images.

*If you don’t have any Pre-Raphaelite images do a google search. Type in copyright free Pre-Raphaelite Images of Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Print images from your printer.

Browse and see which images attract you. Consider our theme: Daughters of Mother Christmas.

photo collection

Choose and use the same back- ground for every card. Start with the creation of Mother Christmas and continue to make as many cards as you wish, or however many fit your accordion- style photo album.

  My Pre-Raphaelite Daughters of Mother Christmas, SoulCollage® cards

We’re always seeking balance through the process of SoulCollage®, a balance of differences. Yin supporting yang and visa-versa. Opposites not opposing but yielding to one another. Dualities not overpowering each other but neutralising one another’s energy. It only makes sense that we complement our right brain understanding with our left to honour the whole expression of self.

To balance the polarities of feminine verses masculine, go back to your stash of Pre-Raphaelite images. Browse and choose the ones that attract your attention, this time with the intention of making the Sons of Father Christmas, SoulCollage® deck. I choose a festive red background for each card.

Remember: Any one of your male companions can make his deck. Once hooked on making these, have him make the Daughters. I doubt he’ll refuse!

Father Christmas

Father Christmas



My Pre-Raphaelite Sons of Father Christmas, SoulCollage® cards

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To be continued… Part 2, Crafting Portfolios

Part 3, Truth Be Told

Part 4, What Now? The Gift: The Reading

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