Blue Is What Happens

Once your relationship to your SoulCollage® cards deepens, they become a source you can turn to for help and wisdom. Your sincere wish to receive an answer will connect you to the Source. One thing I aim to do is incorporate and integrate the SoulCollage® process into my daily life and discover the potential it has to balance and harmonize the senses and energies… Read More


Spiritual Practice and SoulCollage®

I don’t know about you, but I need reminders. Since I’m visually oriented I tend to remember images more than the written word or sounds. Ask me to remember a landmark and I’ll get you there every time. Because of my visual tendencies I’m making a deck of SoulCollage® cards dedicated to my spiritual practice. Cards that remind me visually that compassion rules, that… Read More


Of Haibun & Tarot

Haibun is a form of contemplative reflection using prose accompanied by haiku poems that can stand on their own.   Ken Jones (1930-2015), a seasoned Zen Buddhist practitioner and master writer of Haibun and Haiku leaves us with a wealth of wisdom and work concerning this expressive art. When working a Haibun, Ken Jones reminds us to, “write only when you are strongly moved,… Read More

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