I don’t know about you, but I need reminders. Since I’m visually oriented I tend to remember images more than the written word or sounds. Ask me to remember a landmark and I’ll get you there every time.

Because of my visual tendencies I’m making a deck of SoulCollage® cards dedicated to my spiritual practice. Cards that remind me visually that compassion rules, that in times of distress to know it’s temporary, to begin again when all else fails, and remember right understanding clears the mind of wrong thinking.

Join me on this card making adventure and gain some peace.

Materials: Two 7X5 inch heavy mat board cards for backing, a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and either a stack of magazines to cut-out images, or previously chosen copyright-free images if you intend to post the cards on the internet.

I’m making two SoulCollage® cards. Intending to post them on my site, I choose and download 4 Fotolia copyright-free images: two central theme images and two backgrounds.

This image is for the first SoulCollage® card:

Spiritual Practice Image 1







This image is for the second SoulCollage® card:

Second Card Image







These two are the background images:

Background Image

Background Image for 2nd Card








Carefully cut-out the central images from their surroundings. Place them aside.

Decide which part of the background image you want to keep.

You can make a vertical or horizontal card.

Cut the background to fit the size of the cardstock and paste it to the board.

Play with the central image: Move it over the background to see where it wants to be before you glue it down.


Background Image. Central Image. 7X5 in. mat board.











Setting Background

Gluing background to board.











Move the central image around to get a sense of where it belongs.

Finished Card

Follow the same instructions and make the second, and as many SoulCollage® cards as you desire that express and honours your spiritual practice.

Second SoulCollage Card

Name your cards. Keep a journal. Ask them what gift of dharma each has to offer. Display them on your altar or where you can see them every day. Meditate on them. Allow them to meditate you. Ask a question. Do a reading. Expand your repertoire and make more.

For further instructions, learning about Suits, your Chakra Animals, and doing card readings turn to SoulCollage® Evolving, by Seena B. Frost.


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