Part 4, All I Want For Xmas: The Reading

Holy Day Christmas Eve It may be just the two of us celebrating the holidays in our home this year, but Srajan and I are grateful that we have a table, and have food to serve on our plates.         No, we’re not carving a Xmas turkey or serving hot cranberry sauce with all the trimmings. We’re cooking a sweet potato, parsnip, squash,… Read More


Intimacy: SoulCollage® Barometer

Intimacy: Your SoulCollage® Barometer Intimacy. Hmmm? How does it relate to SoulCollage®? Whenever we refer to intimacy, we refer to being intimate in relationship to somebody else. Yet to a card how is this possible? Regarding SoulCollage®, the intimacy refers to the “I” that I must get to know. Fundamentally it is through an image that we connect with our source of self. This… Read More


Part 3, All I Want For Christmas

Part 3 All I Want For Xmas: Name Your Cards, Ask What They Mean It’s another winter’s night and you’re in for the evening. As sunset dips and night falls, a drizzle wets the windowpane and fogs the view. You light a candle, nestle into your easy chair while an aromatic hot chocolate brews in your cup. Recipe for Hot Chocolate on a Cold… Read More


Guest Artist: Linda Woolfson

Amirrorself.com Interviews and Welcomes Linda Woolfson, SoulCollage® Trainer & Facilitator: The week of October 19th, 2016, I was trained by Linda Woolfson to become a SoulCollage® facilitator. Behind the green doors of her home in Cascais, Portugal, she welcomed participants with open arms into her SoulCollage® garden of delights. Along with five other participants from around the world, I immersed myself in SoulCollage®, learning… Read More

Guest Artist Kylea Taylor, President, SoulCollage® Inc.

Amirrorself.com Interviews Kylea Taylor, President, SoulCollage® Inc. AMS.com: Welcome! Tell us Kylea, as President of SoulCollage® Inc., what does a typical morning at the office look like? Kylea: It is always interesting to see what is in my inbox. I have requests to help from Facilitators, customer service with regard to our courses, correspondence with SoulCollage® Trainers and email and video supervision of our… Read More


All I Want For Xmas Part 2

          Crafting Your SoulCollage® Card Portfolio                Once a pastry chef always a pastry eater. I can’t teach you how to create a five-tiered chocolate Opera, but at least I can introduce you to some of my favorite Christmas treats. So to kick-off our first Christmas in Ireland, and before you settle into constructing a portfolio for your Xmas deck, here’s how you conjure a batch of… Read More


Nalanda Miksang

Nalanda Miksang What is this flash of perception that most photographers overlook? How does it arise or occur? How do we look at the world from a different point of view to capture the essence in the thing itself, and express something beyond the commonplace and the ordinary in an image?   The flash of perception changes the way we observe the world.  … Read More


Look Who’s Sleeping In My Bed…

  Yes it’s true. I sleep with my deck. At times I sleep with one card. But usually the whole deck. Why? I love the company of my cards. To gaze on their faces is to accept every part of myself. Each card, whether Light or Shadow offers me the freedom to acknowledge my being who I am. It’s a tender sentiment that arises… Read More


4 Hour SoulCollage® Workshops

Amirrorself.com: SoulCollage® Workshops Before attending any of these workshops, to benefit most from the experience, read SoulCollage® Evolving. Or you can browse through the posts on our site, and familiarize yourself with the magic you can create.   Introduction to SoulCollage®: A lively and fun way to get acquainted with SoulCollage®. Make cards. Experience how it works. You don’t have to be an artist… Read More

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