Nalanda Miksang

What is this flash of perception that most photographers overlook? How does it arise or occur? How do we look at the world from a different point of view to capture the essence in the thing itself, and express something beyond the commonplace and the ordinary in an image?


The flash of perception changes the way we observe the world.


When looking, attention isn’t vague, glossed-over or generalized.


We pay tribute to that initial reaction to the thing itself.


What is captured through the lens is a state of being.


In its simplicity lays its complexity: A nonverbal explanation apparent to the human eye.


What is perceived is depth and substance. The Source that substantiates the being of the subject. The soul essence is captured in that very moment when the flash of perception catches our eye.


The moment is instantaneous. Presently the case without the intrusion of thoughts. Stunned, you experience a koan, fall into a meditative state where nothing disturbs the mind in stillness.


The thing captured speaks poetry, carries a life force that exists without having to manipulate the appearance.


One perceives the object is alive and full of living potential.


Seen through the lens and taken as a photograph, this life-force- energy translates into print. The transmission passed on to the observer.


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