All I Want For Xmas Part 2

          Crafting Your SoulCollage® Card Portfolio                Once a pastry chef always a pastry eater. I can’t teach you how to create a five-tiered chocolate Opera, but at least I can introduce you to some of my favorite Christmas treats. So to kick-off our first Christmas in Ireland, and before you settle into constructing a portfolio for your Xmas deck, here’s how you conjure a batch of… Read More


Nalanda Miksang

Nalanda Miksang What is this flash of perception that most photographers overlook? How does it arise or occur? How do we look at the world from a different point of view to capture the essence in the thing itself, and express something beyond the commonplace and the ordinary in an image?   The flash of perception changes the way we observe the world.  … Read More


Look Who’s Sleeping In My Bed…

  Yes it’s true. I sleep with my deck. At times I sleep with one card. But usually the whole deck. Why? I love the company of my cards. To gaze on their faces is to accept every part of myself. Each card, whether Light or Shadow offers me the freedom to acknowledge my being who I am. It’s a tender sentiment that arises… Read More


4 Hour SoulCollage® Workshops

Amirrorself.com: SoulCollage® Workshops Before attending any of these workshops, to benefit most from the experience, read SoulCollage® Evolving. Or you can browse through the posts on our site, and familiarize yourself with the magic you can create.   Introduction to SoulCollage®: A lively and fun way to get acquainted with SoulCollage®. Make cards. Experience how it works. You don’t have to be an artist… Read More


All I Want For Xmas

        A Time of Holy Day Joy with Amirrorself.com All I Want For Xmas Is My SoulCollage® Deck, and All the Extra Goodies to Create It! Part 1 I love the Pre-Raphaelites. Painters like Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Ford Maddox Brown, Julia Margaret Cameron, Edward Burne-Jones, and others whose names are a mouthful to pronounce yet their images etched in our memories… Read More

Daughters of Mother Christmas Gallery

                All I want for Xmas – how it’s made.


SoulCollage® Evolving

A Book Review Amirrorself.com Applauds: Seena B. Frost, SoulCollage® Evolving, An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery & Community, 2010. Hanford Mead Publishers. Seena B. Frost and Her SoulCollage® Cards (Hanford Mead Publisher’s Permission) I never met the lady though I imagine Seena B. Frost a woman of great presence due to her magnanimous spirit. It takes an imaginative, highly intuitive, insightful, and visually oriented… Read More


Trashing Mother Earth

Trashing Mother Earth. “I am the One who weeps because your ignorance is killing me.” Council Suit   I never thought of myself as a political person until it became apparent that politics is a way of life. There’s no way around it. If you prefer hemp to polyester politics is involved. If you prefer soy milk to cow’s milk, leather as opposed to… Read More


How to Attract Men to SoulCollage®

My Businessman Neter: Committee/Community/Council “I am the One who advises you to stay present, remain attentive, and respond to the moment.”                  How to Attract Men to SoulCollage® I’m fortunate to have a husband who works in an industry dominated by men. In the high-end audio business a good 90% of manufacturers, designers, and distributors who rule the roost are men. In SoulCollage®… Read More

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