Lent: I am the One who seeks shelter from the storm.


Lent: Make It Relevant

This is a time of year when our Inner Monk cries out for attention. It is the season of hibernation, of contemplation and reflection. A time to consider retreat and rest from the activities of the world. We give ourselves space from the desert we’ve been living, so we can turn and find nourishment in the cell of our heart, take note of what we are missing, and what we most desire.

Making a SoulCollage® card to consider this time of fasting from what ails us, may direct each one of us to a different way of attracting Spirit and attending to God.

In the mist of turning to art, a creative act of expression, we may align ourselves to what each one of us considers divine, and strengthen that relationship. We may locate an oasis, the source, the fountain of our wellbeing.

Lent is a time when fasting from one’s own emotional turmoil requires awareness and trust that foster change.

It is not an easy road this journey, but every year we’re given the opportunity to stand at the crossroads to procrastinate, or change.


from a gingko leaf –

a drop in a pool

of rain




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