In a nearby township by the name of Mulranny, there exists The Greenway Antiques and Book Store located in an old thatch-roof historical building, owned by Roger Grimes and Vanessa Parker, the rare books collector.

Old Thatch, Mulranny, Co Mayo

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Browsing through bookshelf after bookshelf of old children’s books, I discover a forgotten, tainted, weather beaten, with a slight tinge of mildew and smell of mold to its pages, book. A book of short stories by Joan Grant written some seventy-odd years ago.

I knew nothing about Joan Grant when I picked up her book until I did a Google search, to find out she was born in the United Kingdom in 1907, and died in 1989.

She was psychic, and while going into trance before falling asleep ventured into – what is known today – as the Akashic Field of space and time. The Akasha, the part of our cosmic universe that holds the conscious memories and history of all life form.

Grant was able to connect with this universal reality, universal consciousness and retrieve information via her higher consciousness. A meditator at heart, Grant, when she went into this low frequency state of awareness, experienced past lives and her past incarnations, therefore finding inspiration to write. Winged Pharaoh, Eyes of Horus, Scarlet Feather, three of her historical novels, including this odd little book of short tales: The Scarlet Fish and Other Stories.

Joan Grant, The Scarlet Fish

Joan Grant, Autobiography








I take great pleasure in sharing one of her lovely tales in the hopes that you treasure its universal and heartfelt message as much as I do. To accompany the text I’ve created a flipbook and a series of photo-montages to delight the eye and inspire imagination as it did for writer, meditator, and psychic past-life traveler, Joan Grant.

The Monster Who Grew Small, by Joan Grant from The Scarlet Fish And Other Stories, 1st ed. 1942. Flipbook and Photo-Montages by Ivette Ebaen, 2017. All Rights Reserved.

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