September Song

Ever notice how when autumn dawns the summer sun begins to shine cooler? Same sun just a little cooler. Less warmth in the air felt as the wind-swept ocean loses its calm more than yesterday…

Bertha Beach, Lecanvey

I find myself trying to focus the mind to stand still with the kind of effort which causes me to stop and wonder, why I’m trying so hard. In an instant I’m aware. All of me is present to the moment. Senses all alert, I’m not thinking, mind’s not wandering; nothing attracts, tempts, attaches itself; and so I open myself to writing haiku.

To honour Autumn’s inception and Summer’s end, a series of geisha collages inspired various haiku. Haiku, a tiny poem with imagery that arises spontaneously, momentarily, lasting seconds and gone before the mind fogs the moment with a thought.







Original haiku and photo-montages created by Ivette Ebaen. All Rights Reserved.

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